Watching The Fantastic Four

Ehm, so here is my review.

This movie starts a story with good beginning, but it falls till the end.

Theres only 2 important places (settings), and you know its like a low budget movie. You should see the CGI or smth, its embarassing for FOX.

Well, they seems have wrong casts and charactera. Miles Teller hasn’t Reed Richards needy or geeky, Sue? Not as sexy as Alba and also not portrays that she is a brilliant-sexy-girl, Michael B has the johnny storm character but unfortunately he’s b**** (im not a racist, but its important not change the origins), and the thing is so tiny before then they doubled his size after the accident.

And the story isnt going anywhere.

For me, its because this movie is burdened by the past movie and the origins, people give them 3-4, but if this is a new story of superhero, maybe it will be 5-6.

Therefore, i should less agree with IMDB. 4.5/10 for this Superhero Movie.

Watching The Fantastic Four with Hangga Darisman at Setiabudi One

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