Fasten Your Seatbelt.

Hallo. Como estas? bien?

Some people said that this is the end of 2013. the last page of your twenty-thirteen books. the 365th page. Maybe, some people’s story on 365th page is same. Preparing for the night’s eve. Welcoming the new year celebration. For some people, this event is a symbolism. Reflecting a wish and hope. Like we welcoming our guest with a nice celebration, that guest will be nice with us. For me, that’s primitive.


Yes, primitive. The last time I celebrate my new years eve is when I was at Elementary, 6th grade. Yes, Elementary.

The appropriate story that you need to write in your 365th page isn’t walking to downtown with your friends (you can do it everyday bro!), not watching the movie premiere at your TV(man please, I think you’ve already download it), or having some firecracker action and blow the trumpet (seriously?)?

But that’s the truth. Walking down to the downtown to see parade, Television presenting a movie premiere, and blowing the trumpet is the society habit nowadays. But they are forgot one thing. This is the last page of your story at a book called ‘two thousand and thirteen‘. Come on!

What am I going to do to fill my last page is a REVIEW.


A Review is only a summarize of the 1st – 364th pages. This review maybe can leave you some regrets, but can reminds you for not doing the same.

Put your regrets at the backseat, and ready steady to go. The new book is coming to be filled.


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