Well, I think this blog is only talking about my unimportant stories, but I wanna share something important. I’ve ever post this at my previous blog, but still this is original from me.

it’s about the correlation between government, students, and cheating in Indonesia.

what’s the correlation? okay I’ll tell you lil’ by lil’ till you get something from my post 🙂 *hope so*

okay, firstly I will tell you about what’s cheating actually.
cheating, is an activity that’s prohibited by teachers to students, because the students isn’t doing his work by himself. for example, many cases like copying mate’s answer sheet, or even vary! but I do agree, this case will happen with every students in world (just a random statistics data :P)

on this case, the teachers has obligate the students and trust the students to avoid cheating and do they best when finishing their exam. but, the students cannot did perform it well.
so many students ever and still disobey their teachers.
okay, Government, is the representative of people from a country to run, control, and making and implementing some policies in a country to reach the stabilization of infra-structure of a country. but in case, as the representative of people, they cannot be the model of a good leader for the people, they cannot do they job as the executive of a country, and they still not thinking about their people, and moreover, they collide with people trusty !!! HOW COME ???

so, i think about the correlation between the students who do cheating, and this kind of government. both of them are untrustworthy !
then, government are elected by people because they are experienced and intellectual (graduated from high-reputation college < the mindset of intellectual). so, they are ever be a students.
thus, i think, there will be the correlation between some government right now, with the students’ bad behavior. i think, the bad government, when they are be a student, they are students who have the bad behavior like i said before.
how about your opinion? 🙂


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