“Don’t Judge Someone because Their Sin Differently than Yours”


I am trying to do blogging in everyday. Fortuitously, today I got a tweet from my friend’s pal. My friend, Katia Irzyk just re tweeted her pal’s tweet.

It tweeted: “Don’t Judge Someone because Their Sin Differently than Yours”

for me, this is something called unique and I realize this tweet is clearly true. This tweet has give us the truth happens. Everyone has their own sin. Because human isn’t free away from sins. So why we should judge the other people who sins, without seeing what we already do?


Sin will be done by any other kind of people in this life. I am surely with what I said. Sometimes, people looks someone like they look other life creatures (not a human) only because of what he or she already does. Discriminate someone is the right to reflect. Only because someone did a different sin with us, we can’t judge them anything. We only able to give them advises, help them to have a better one and avoid the same hole.

Oh ya, I make a change on this tweet: “Don’t judge people only because they sins differ than us”

Sincerely, me




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