This is my new blog. I used to use my blogspot account, but right now I think wordpress is easier for blogging (just a consumerist behavior). Blogging, is an activity that stuck only in my mind. Haha. There’s no execution for me in blogging as often as I can. I don’t know why. I am really interested in writing, since I am being a sensitive and responsive person. Always give a comment about anything happen. From social, studies, hobbies, and more. Well sometimes, have a character like mine is really useful, but sometimes it will kill yourself. When people feels disturbed with our comments, feels mocked, or even we will seen like an arrogant person. it's meEven actually we are not. But that is people, judge everything from the first sight. Even it’s true. I think judge a person is will be from the first sight. The first is the quite true than second.

Aspire to Inspire before Expired is like keep dreaming to achieve everything before you dying. People is needs something to be achieved to makes their live is meaningful. Reasons will makes us do everything to achieve, of course without makes a harmful for everyone or our self. It’s called Idealism. Idealism is different with Pragmatism, just follow the river.

But I cannot makes any offense for everyone’s life. But I think, live is the trouble itself. So enjoy haha.

Sincerely, me



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